About Browning Collections

If you have grown up on the stories of legendary game hunts and seasoned hunters, fireside tales of field and forest game, favorite dogs and the “game that got away”… you could relive those adventures in the modern world by taking up skeet and sporting clay shooting.

Skeet is a recreational and competitive activity where participants attempt to break clay disks flung into the air at high speed from a variety of angles and as it was originally developed to improve hunting in the field. During WW II, US Military used Skeet to teach gunners the principle of leading and timing on flying target.

Sporting clays simulate the unpredictable flight paths of game birds and paths of rabbits across uneven terrain.

Headed by Charles Fuld, Browning Collections has been specializing in skeet and sporting clays shotguns for over 3 years. The performance and price of a good trap & skeet shotgun is governed by many factors. Does it have a high comb, an adjustable cheek weld, a raised rib, or a ported barrel? The prices for our shotguns are very competitive in the marketplace.

Our specialty is our service to our customers and our uncompromising commitment to quality products. At Browning Collections, we do not give the excuse that we will not accept returns. We give our customers three days to inspect the gun. If the customer is not happy, they can send it back to us.

From serious sports shooters to beginners, we have the right shotgun for you.

Do you have something specific in mind? We can find it or you.